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Who can join our AI unit:
Data Analyst
If you feed comfortable querying databases, should it be relational or NoSQL DBs, feel passionate about going through tons of data in a quest for patterns and want to stay on top of the most recent advances in data analytics, you are our guy!
Data Scientist
We constantly research and develop the most recent solutions to best fit the constantly evolving needs of the business. We need a person, who is capable of researching, deploying models, can work as a part of the team, and is curious to improve their knowledge daily.
We deploy solutions for our clients both locally and in the cloud, and we realize the importance of sustainable solutions for our clients. The perfect DevOps knows his way around either GCP or AWS, can help plan and maintain the CI/CD process of the development.
Who can join our consulting unit:
Market Analyst
Our clients value most recent insights on their industry being delivered to them at a glance. We work hard to keep all of our data up to date, with proven sources. The analysts gather the information, process and analyze it, and provide our clients with brief and easy to read reports.
SMM specialist
We believe that the main advantage of the small and medium sized businesses is in their mobility to utilize new technologies. With sales closing on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and other social media, our clients constantly need to stay on top of their game.
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